Saturday, January 30, 2010

What I like about the new English translation of the Roman Missal

It's gentle, and not so 'casual'. I'm glad "And also with you" is replaced. Probably there are limits on what you can do with English, because I think the casualness and equality are important concepts in everyday life in America. But the language and the culture I brought up, 'reverance' and 'respect' are more important. So the language reflects that. For example, there are different ways of addressing to different people, and you cannot use the same pronouns and verb endings as well as other parts of the speech that you use for your children to you parents. So it sometimes still bothers me when my children use the same 'you' that they use to their dog to me. Even in school, I found it's very hard to teach and expect the children to show 'respect' to the teachers. I even feel that their concept of 'respect' is dfferent from what I learned. So in CCD class, when we can talk about 'love,' I think the children get it. God loves us so we show love. But when when they hear the word 'reverance,' their face looked puzzled. It's a hard concept for them. I hope the new translation helps us and the next generation learn 'reverance' and that God is still above us even if he came to earth as a human being.

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