Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Children's schola: Monday Jan.18. 2010

We are working on Jesu Dulcis Memoria (communion hymn for Feb. Mass) and reviewing Veni Creator Spiritus (offertory).
We also talk about bowing when we sing Holy Trinity (for example, last verse of Veni Creator). It is said that you receive a special grace while you are doing it, and some saints also felt deeply of giving themselves to God while they bow to Holy Trinity. (explained in The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Chapter VI the "Gloria Patri"). Although it is an option for a schola to bow for the reason of being heard, I decided to have them bow whenever possible, because it is a good practice for them, learning the reverance and being reminded of the Holy Trinity. (Sometimes I peek and get amazed, because they look very sincere when they do that. It's so wonderful to see young people show such a humble gesture.)

We started a new chant that we would like to sing at the Holy Hour for Vocations at St. Benedict. O Panis Dulcisimme (P.92). I hope you get to review verses 1 and 2. I don't believe this is in any of your CD, but it's a very simple, but beautiful, chant. (Good one to learn note names too.) I will be having a short meeting with the pastor next Sunday for details. Then I can send you the list of chants and flyer. He is very very looking forward to it.

We also sang the entire Gloria (P.9) at the request of Matt Hill, who also started the beginning part for us. It was a big WOW! (I never heard such a strong start of this wonderful hymn of Glory!)

We are having such a wonderful time in the chant class. Hope to see you all next week.


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