Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A great chant website and children's schola news

Hello, everyone. I thought I wanted share this email not only with children's schola but also with other homeschooling parents. First of all, if you are interested in, there's a great website you might want to keep in your computer handy. (This is the most amazing site for me.)


This site has almost all the Chant Mass settings (with the beautiful home page), as well as Propers, both music scores AND audios. That means you can look at the music and sing along with the audio file.
For example, if you want to learn Kyrie XVII, which the children's schola started to learn today and will be singing from next month, and I'd like to invite you to sing with us if you come to the first Friday Mass on February 5, click on the top wheel on the right, St.Daniel. Then you will see the list of the Mass settings. So click on the Mass setting XVII, then click on Kyrie B. (Not Kyrie A). The MP#2 has a beautiful singing by Monks. Very very spiritual.

Many of them have beautiful monks' singing as well as one person singing for practice. This site is made by dedicated musicians to sacred music, and it is keep improving. So keep eye on them.

Also, I wanted to tell you that I'm very proud of the schola children that they learn to sing solfeges of all the notes(complete series of Do re, mi, with hand signs). We learn the new chants Jesu Dulcis Memoria in Solfege.
I don't know whehter you can understand my excitment, but today was a big day for the chant class ! All the fun songs and games we did in the class were done for this goal. (those were music excercises done in a fun way.) We really took a big step today in learning music, and I had the best class ever.

The Pope (Pius X) wanted the simple beauty of the Church’s own music to be brought back, so that when the people heard it and sang it, their hearts would be lifted up to higher things and they would not be distracted in their worship—

Happy Chanting everyone! I'm so glad our Holy Church safeguarded this beautiful sacred music so we can still sing and listen to them.

In Christ,

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