Thursday, March 26, 2009

Talk on Gregorian Chant at Mt. St. Joseph High

I just came back from a talk on Greogorain chant in the all boys' high school. The religion teacher invited me to talk about Gregorian chant to 13 high school seniors. I talked briefly about how the Gregorian chants are developed, how they are used as integral part of the liturgy, and showed different chant notations, had them listen and sing. I ended the talk with the Colloquium video clip. They had a big screen in front of the class and the projector was connected to the computer. They were able to see it from the big screen and hear. It was very effective. I don't think any of them knew about Gregorian chants very well, but they were very receptive. They try to understand what I'm saying without any preconceived ideas or negative feelings. I hope we can help and introduce Gregorian chants to these young minds by making more chances like this. (I might conctact some more religion teachers in the nearby high schools and offer the talk.)

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lvschant said...

Hi Mia... so glad to see your blog... didn't know you had one until your post came up on my google alert this morning!

Wonderful... I'll add you to my blogroll.