Thursday, March 26, 2009

St. Benedict and our schola

The following is from an email of our schola member, who reminded me that St. Benedict was singing with us at our first 'concert' last week (3/22/09). Very beautiful. (also there was a church bell ringing when we sang the communion proper 'Qui manducat carnem meam', he who eats my flesh...I am in him)

"... Who would have guessed in advance these things come to pass? I am humbled in awe today by the convergence of facts: almost 9-months to the day that our wedded schola began its paces under your true leadership (june 24th 08) until this appearance yesterday bringing forth the fruits of a fervent 'pregnancy'. Where? at St Benedict's church run by Benedictine monks. When? the day after this great saint's feast day! Hosted by whom? a venerable monk who sang with us from the pew many of the chants presented. Who is scripting all this stuff?? ; )

Most blessed of all was the gift of the children. Gregorian chant is the hoped for slice of heaven on earth; but when children sing as they did, it is heaven on earth.
When sound is made, it never dies, the echoes go on indefinitely. Making this intention of musical prayer starts the ringing of holiness onto the earth. Seeds of cleanness scattering into the din of rampant impurity in our time..."

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