Saturday, December 27, 2008

What an 11 old boy says about Latin and Latin chants

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I think you will like to hear this.
A boy says we understand the words of the prayers in Mass when we use everyday language. When we use Latin, we don't understand everything, but it's like we don't understand many things about God, and we try to learn more. I think he is saying that it gives him the sense of the Mystery of our faith and reminds him of God more, how big He is. He also likes chant in the church than the songs that "shout."
Of course he is the one who studies and memorizes Baltimore catechism everyday, and reminds me of the Church's everlasting authority (when I need an assuarance). He has the most serious look when he says that the Church will not loose Her authority becuase Christ promised to protect the Church forever.
When you teach children it's amazing to see how much they can learn. They are like sponges. We might not see what they learn right away, but it's there somewhere. We really need to teach true catholic faith with the Church's tradition and her teachings.
They are our hope.
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