Friday, December 26, 2008

Things that We are Thankful for

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From time to time, usually when things seem stressful, I like to stop what I'm doing and list all of the blessings in my life, and try to don gratitude for every aspect of it, the good and the not so good. There's a simple prayer, 'For all that has been thank you, and for all that will be, yes...' which is very Marian, but also extremely practical. So I thought now, being a busy time, might be a good time for us as a forum to count our CMAA blessings. I'll start...
I'm thankful for wide array or knowledge and the charitable attitude in which they are presented here on this board. I have learned so much through reading and trying to keep up with all of the discussions. So my thanks to all of you. Merry Christmas and peace to all of you.

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Humbug. I'm stuck in an apartment with water coming through the ceiling. And yet I'm thankful that my biggest problem is that the roof over my head leaks every now and then.

Organ student

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I'll post what I'm thankful for (I hope you don't laugh).
Today is Christmas eve. I'm, first of all, thankful for CMAA and this forum that I actually 'study' eveyday. ;-)I'm also thankful to God who is almighty and bigger than the universe came down to us as a tiny baby. I was reminded today that it is the most amazing miracle to me.

My boy asked why three magi had to follow a small star, instead of something big like a big moon. It would have been easier. Made me think for awhile. It occured to me that we all have a small faith like that little star which leads us to find Jesus, our Lord in our long faith journey. We just need to be awake and don't loose the sight of that small star, even if there are somtimes clouds that cover it. I'm very greatful for that small star, and my small faith.

One more, all the musicians who worked so hard to fill this earth with beautiful music and glorify God on this Christmas.

On Christmas eve, 2008
Mia Coyne

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