Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beginning Chant Class

Would you like to learn something cool this Summer?
Join Gregorian chant class this summer, the authentic liturgical music and treasure of Catholic tradition as the Holy Mother Church proclaims.
Two beginning chant classes will be offered on Mondays at OLPH parish (musicroom) and Tuesdays at the church of Resurrection (chapel). Both classes are from 7 PM to 8 PM starting July 9 through August 20 for 7 weeks. (July 10 through August 21 for Tuesday class) We will study the text and the melody of Gregorian chant, and how they fit together to be prayed in singing in the sacred liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church. Contact Mia Coyne at for more info.

“It is the duty of all those to whom Christ the
Lord has entrusted the task of guarding and
dispensing the Church’s riches to preserve
this precious treasure of Gregorian chant
diligently and to impart it generously to the
Christian people. In the performance of the
sacred liturgical rites this same Gregorian
chant should be most widely used and
great care should be taken that it should be
performed properly, worthily and reverently.”
—Pope Pius XII

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