Monday, May 10, 2010

Traditional Mass in PA

What a beautiful Mass we had yesterday. I'm very grateful that our schola members were able to sing for the Mass and receive so many graces at the beautiful Mass. To our surpise, it was a high Mass with deacons, seminarians and many altar boys. The priest who sang so beautifully was a self taught celebrant of Traditional Mass (I guess that not many seminarians learn Traditional Mass in the seminary?), and I was told that he started from scratch. Even if the church itself was not set up for the Traditional Mass, they were able to modify it to celebrate the Mass. It gives me hope that someday we could invite him over, as he mentioned, and have this kind of Traditional Mass in this area. I see and hear more and more people wanting to experience the Traditional Mass. This is something to pray about as we work on learning and studying Gregorian chant and make them more beautiful in our singing. I was also introduced to a few Korean priests and seminarians after the Mass. I was very glad to meet them.

What a beautiful Mother's day I had yesterday(and afterwards, thankful for the generous dishes of Chinese carryout to feed the whole family and scrumptious cheese dessert my 10 year old girl made)!

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