Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pontifical Mass at the National Shrine in DC, Sat. 4/24/10 at 1 PM

Frankly I didn't think the huge shrine would be so filled today. When my family got there about 12:15, it was already packed, and it was hard to find a pew.

It is almost impossible to describe the beauty and sacredness of today's Mass with words (especially with my limited English).

It was the most beautiful Mass I've ever been. And although I hope there will be more, this might have been my 'once in a life time' one, and it was truly a blessing for me that I was able to be there.

The procession was magnificent, worthy of Christ's Holy Sacrifice and His Church Miliitant leading us to His Holy place with the help of the Church Triumphant and the Church Suffering. And I'm very grateful that I was able to witness that.

The bishop's homily was very comforting to us especially during the time when our Church is persecuted so harshly these days. He reminded us, "Suffering only reveals Christ." I think I witnessed that today.

There was a elderly Afro-american lady in front of me. While her friends might be singing sprituals or gospel music in their worship services, here she is all alone listneing to Latin prayers and praying so eagerly. Especially during Agnus Dei, listening to beautiful heavenly choir's singing, she was praying so hard, I could feel the intensity of her prayers. Her hands were tremblinsg. She was praying with Christ, for our sins, sins of the world, and for our Church and our Pope. Often times people around me during Mass distracts me easily, but this time I was so inpired. I wanted to pray with her eagerly like her. We became one mystical body of Christ through prayers, one race through Christ, and one family through our Church. (We didn't need to sing ' We are one body...' with guitar chords, or hear prayers in different languages to remember what different races we are. Only thing remains with us is that we all are the children of God through Chirst and His Church Universal, because the Beauty and the Holiness of the Mass reminds us of that.)

The Mass was absolutely the Sacrifice of Triumph and Victory of our Church and our faith. I will remember this Mass for a long time, and hopefully my kids will never forget this beautiful Catholic Worship they experienced today, and each one of them will always be proud of being a Catholic.

-Today I was truly remionded that life is full of joy, not because we have many 'fun activities,' but because we get to find the ways to be close to God and receive so many Graces and can share them with others.-

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