Friday, February 19, 2010

Holy Hour for Vacations

Holy Hour for Vocations and Benediction
with Gregorian chant

On Feb.21 (Sunday), 12:10 PM
at St. Benedict Church in Baltimore
2612 Wilkens Ave, Baltimore, MD 21223(410) 947-4988

Chant List for Holy Hour and Benediction

1. Anima Christi (Children sing; during Preparation of the Holy Hour)

2. O Salutaris Hostia (everyone)


3. Adoro te devote (children and men)
4. O Panis Dulcissime (children)
5. Ave verum Corpus (women)
6. Jesu Dulcis Memoria (Adults and children)

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 3:8 - 10

7. Veni Creator Spiritus (children)
8. Ubi caritas (adults & children)
9. Adoramus te Christe (Adults)

Prayer for Vocations

10. Salve Regina (Solemn tone, Adults)
11. Ave Regina caelorum (men)

Scripture Reading: Matthew 4:18 - 22

12. Ave Maria (Mode VI, children)
13. Ave Maria (Mode I, children)


14. Tantum Ergo (everyone)

Priest: Panem de caelo praestitisti eis
Response (all): Omne delectamentum in se habentem

Prayer (priest)

Divine Praises (chanted by cantor/everyone.
Music and words are at the end of this packet.)

Final chant (schola)

15. Christus vincit

Children's Schola Reminder

We numbered the music in their hymnal with sticky note flag according to the program. Please check them before you come on Sunday. This way children can find the music easily without making noise for looking and turning the pages. (the list of the music is attached here again. skip the numbers for the music they don't sing or are not found in the hymnal. The copies of the music that are not in the hymnal will be given to them on Sunday.)

In the calendar, the arrival time wasn't quite clear. (my mistake.) The Holy Hour will be continued from the Mass without break (similar to what we do on First Friday Mass). So if you can make it to 11AM Mass at St. Benedict, please arrive 20 minutes before the Mass, so we can get settled and prepare before the Mass starts and participate in the Mass. (will sit near the organ)

If you can't make it to Mass, please have the children come quietly to where schola is sitting , pews near the organ. (children in the front and the adults behind.) Since the Mass will be going on, please be discreet.


Like last year, please bring something to share after the Holy Hour. Leave the food in the room next to the church (first room on the right.) Drinks and paper products will be taken care of. And I just ordered 4 dozens of donuts. (We will share with whoever can join us. But most of all I think the children deserve some treats.)

Father Paschal is an amazing priest who kept the church door open in this rough neighbour (for 25 years). I'd like to help our fellow parish with what we can. This is very evangelizing for schola children. There will also be a seminarian, according to Father. He will have a short 'reflection' before the Benendiction. I'd appreciate your paryers for this occasion that our beautiful sung prayers will pleasing to God and He will help many young people open their hearts to His calling.

Adult Schola reminder

Arrival time
10:40 (before 11 AM Mass)

Those who cannot make it to the Mass, should come before 12. The Mass will be still going on, so please be discreet. The schola will be next to the organ.

White top and black bottom

Men - one bottle of 2-liter soda and a good size juice of any kind

Women - any finger food

Leon and Lucy - paper products, cups, plates and napkins

(I don't know how many people to expect to be there, I made 70 copies of the program packet for the congregation. I will bring 4 dozen donuts and some home made treats.)

Please make sure we all know the order of the music and marked. (I think this is as important as our singing in order to make this Holy Hour beautiful and prayerful.)


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