Friday, May 22, 2009

Solemn High Mass of Ascension of Our Lord at St. Bernadette in Silver Spring with schola Chanty

We got there just in time to hear beautiful organ prelude (there was a traffic jam and we took backroads, and got lost.) Then I see a whole army (sorry if I'm not using a correct expression, but that's how I felt, the Church militant on earth, so strong and holy.) of holy priests, altar servers, young men and younger boys, deacons... entering with hands hold together, and leading us to enter the "Mystery of Faith," our pilgrimage to Jerusalem, our journey to the Holy of Holies. How beautiful, how holy, how comforting to know we have those people to guard our faith. I couldn't stop my tears coming down.
All the singing of the chants and polyphony were so beautiful in that church with a fantastic accoustics. Everything was sung a cappella (just voices), didn't need any instrumental accompaniment, the natual sound of the singing was accompanied only by the beautiful accousticis of the church itself. The readings were chanted beautifully in Latin first and then later read in English.
Then the beautiful Sanctus and the consecration. To me this is the time when the door of the Heaven opens and Jesus comes down to the Altar. After the elevation, the last part of the Sanctus, where it starts Benedictus (blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord) started quietely and humbly, the music was just so perfect., And the song of Hosanna, the last part of the Benedictus, is heard. I still hear the singing of the Sung Mass from yesterday, but it might be hard for you to really imagine it no matter how I say (especially with my poor English.)

I wonder it is too much to wish that we can have Mass like this every Sunday? Probably not in my life time. But I felt if we have Mass like this more often, average Catolics, like me, can strengthen our Catholic faith and our beliefs on the True Presence of our Lord on the altar and will have more priests. Please pray for more holy priests, we really need them.
My faith is very weak, especailly last week was very tough, and my faith was very feeble(?) But it was such a special gift to me from God that I was able to go to that Mass. I really felt the power and the beauty of God in that Mass and was able to renew my faith. The Mass is so beautiful and powerful and holy that there's no denying that it is from God, not made by people. I try to go to Traditional Latin Mass once a month at least with my family. We are all still learning, little by little, and it's pretty hard for my kids (although they try to behave.) But every time we go, we learn something new and deepen our apprecaiton of the Mass, which has deeper meaning in everyparts. I think we should teach our children the Tradtion of our faith, and this will also help them to appreciate and understand the deeper meaning the Mass of Ordinary form too.

One side story: We left home at 6:45 to get there by 7:30. Traffic was bad, got lost, my husband was making a couple of sharp turns with the family van. I was anxious and frstrated. I really didn''t want our family walk in after the priests walk in. But after a prayer, I felt we are going to be okay. We got there just in time. The lesson for me was (again) Do your best whatever you do, pray and have peace because God always helps you and takes care of you as long as you do your part.

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