Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tentative Program/Instruction for the St. Benedict Concert on March 22

We will try to focus as a 'Sung Prayer Service' rather than a concert

Schola Sung Prayer Service

Marian Hymns

1. Salve Regina

Brief Introduction to the schola (director)

2. Alma Redemptoris Mater
3. Children recite Hail Mary together in English
4. Ave Maria (children)
5. Ave Regina caelorum (men)

Other Hymns

6 Text of Ubi Caritas (James Kastner and Sally alternate reading the verse)
7. Ubi caritas
8. Adoramus te Christe
9. In Paradisum
10. Ave verum Corpus (women)
11. Read the text of the 1st verse of Veni Creator (Matt Hill)
12. Veni Creator Spiritus (children)
13. Adoro te devote (children and men)

Mass Parts (Children on the stage for the Ordinary parts and adult in the pews to help out the audience. Proper Qui Manducat- adult comes to the stage)

Brief Introduction to each part before singing (children read)
Please join us singing the following Ordinary parts

14. Kyrie (Ordinary, James Coyne)
15. Sanctus (Ordinary, Veronica)
16. Agnus Dei (Ordinary, Mike Schuberth)

17. Read the text of Qui Manducat (Leon Keller)
18. Qui manducat (Communion Proper -adult)

Final chant
19. Christus Vincit

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