Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Saturday Mass at the church of Resurrection with Regina Caeli Schola

Our schola and the faithful had a wonderful experience with the beautiful traditional music at the morning Mass last Saturday. It was spiritually lifting and so prayerful as we are connected with the Church, and all the saints and holy men and women thoughout the centuries through the Church's beautiful treasure.
As we know, the music at the Mass is to focus on our Lord present at the Eucharist, which is the core of our faith. Because of this, the true presence of Jesus in our church, I converted to a catholic from a protestant. When you know that Jesus is truly with us, what a difference it makes. Our Lord humbled Himself to come to us through Mary and continues to humble Himself to be with us. His teaching and His command, God is Love and love one another, become more real and concrete to humans through this humble presence. Only when we learn this humility, our love for God and each other can be real, as His love for us is real. Gregorian chant is the most humble, yet beautiful music as it teaches and preaches this humble and beautiful love as it serves the Liturgy. We are so blessed to be called for this ministry.
I'm so gratetful for Father Mike who supports us and gave an excellent introcuction to the congregation about the chant before and after the Mass. We will be keep singing the Church's tradition and help the faithful to keep our cathoilic faith and catholic identity.

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